Park Enterprise
Our History
For over 20 years, our unyielding devotion to delivering the best customer service and positive contribution to the safety code industry has enabled us to set an unparalleled high standard of service. We strive to continually improve, evaluate and develop methods to increase efficiency, value, transparency, and accountability. Development of education initiatives have assisted in building understanding, trust and partnerships. Our work and support of homeowners, contractors, Municipalities, provincial governing bodies and other industry stakeholders has resulted in positive growth and impact on this industry. This has provided our team with a provincially recognized and respected reputation.
Our team is comprised of nearly 20 hardworking men and women with hundreds of years of combined experience in the construction industry. We look forward to the changes, improvements and opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to build on our experience, knowledge and endeavors to continually strive to be unique and provide you with the best, to be the best!
Core Values
As the construction and safety code industry continues to evolve and change, Park Enterprises continues to grow and develop. Regardless of the obstacle at hand or the needs of our clients, we strive to remain true to values that have driven and shaped Park Enterprises since 1995.

Our team strives to operate with honesty and integrity by being an advocate for their needs and providing transparent service delivery practices and to take accountability for areas where we can improve. Park Enterprises remains as a steadfast partner for all to rely on for guidance and support for all of their safety codes needs. We work hard to care for and respect our valued partnerships and to display loyalty to those we serve. Our team chooses to view challenges as opportunities to grow and to innovate while exploring new ideas to support efficiency or provide more value or security to our clients. Only together, through our collaboration with various stakeholder groups, partners and customers have we been able to learn from each other to develop and deliver unsurpassed customer service and further drive the safety codes industry forward with accountability and visionary thinking.
Our Mission
The delivery of safety code services should be done by a company committed to much more than upholding standards. You deserve a company that drives the standard and inspires confidence. When you work with Park Enterprises and our partners, we earn your trust by delivering confidently on our promises giving you the peace of mind that nothing is compromised and everything has been considered.
Our Vision
Through our diversity, passion & tenacity, we remain committed to creating an accountable, sustainable & thriving safety code system.
#10, 491 W.T. Hill Blvd.
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