Permit Applications and Fees
All permit applications and permit fees are submitted to the Town of Coalhurst for review and processing. See the links below to access checklists to ensure all required documents are submitted with your permit application to prevent any processing delays.

The Town will issue and send out Plumbing, Gas and Electrical permits. Building permits will be forwarded to our office once processed at the Town. Once the code review is completed by the Safety Codes Officer, your application will be issued and emailed to you if an email address is supplied on the application form.

Your permit will contain the timeframe your permit is valid for as well as the required inspections associated with your project.

1. All applications require a signature from the applicant.
2. Your development permit from your municipality is NOT your building permit. All applicable safety codes permits are required.
All Permit Applications and fees are to be submitted to our office for processing. Once paid and information submitted and approved, they are issued. Copies of your permit documents will be emailed to you, if an email is provided.
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